Friday, May 22, 2009

Black gold!!!

Dragon XIII

Long live the king!
Ye moved out of his room into the terrace.
He looked at his city.
His city
His reign has been a golden era.
Ye was a good Emperor. He loved his subjects and took care of them.
But he was ill and not well. He wanted to live longer and enjoy his life.
He had worked hard
It has borne sweet fruits
Too sweet for him to eat
He was an old and toothless Emperor
Red silken robes covered his wrinkled body
Gold chains hid his age
His blue eyes stared into the city
His blue blood was drying up.
He coughed and looked at his royal physician, Ming
Long live the king!, Ming replied
Thou has lived long…and shall do so, your highness!
Ye smiled
The next day had dawned too early
The servants drew the curtains
The rays of the immortal sun fell on his Red silken robes
The Empress dried her tears and placed a red rose on the Emperor’s clay cold hands and touched his clay cold lips
Long live the king! Long live in His Paradise!


Another one of dragon's typingz...
you guys must be wondering why i dont write anymore...
well my result is gonna come in the next five days and i sit infront of the result site and crap in my pajamas.
screw you guys, I'm going home.
wait a second! i am at home...



Monk-E said...

I'm sorry, but what is this supposed to convey?? Must be having some idea.....
Man, it's only crap for you....guess what it could be for me.

Jadis said...

good one. but is there an allusion? if so, to what?

oh and all the best. :P :P :P