Sunday, October 20, 2013

Et tu, Brute?

Blood dripped from Falcon’s legs as he stumbled out of the burning building with Brutus, his brother, his life. As they stumbled out, Brutus pushed Falcon to the side and pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Falcon.
“Et tu Brute?”, asked Falcon and laughed his way to the next world.


These words might be made up by Shakespeare but the true meaning behind them is more than enough to move the ground from underneath your feet. Seriously... not fucking with you :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Avery, like every other regular day, came to work at sharp 8:45 am. He made a hot coffee for himself and was at his work table by 9:00 am. He unlocked one of his drawers and took out a huge stack of paper. He took a sip of his coffee and realized that this day wasn’t anything different from the rest as the coffee that day too tasted like monkey shit and like the other days, his colleagues wouldn’t make eye contact with him but they always made fun of his hunchback behind his back. During the day Avery will be bombarded with countless balls of paper and will be reminded constantly that his hunchback makes him look ugly by little doodles his colleagues made on his desk or in the office loo.

He took the company stamp kept on his table and started stamping the papers one by one. As his boss passed in front of his work desk, he hoped his boss would give him the promotion for which Avery applied months ago. But his boss passed him like he was invisible yet again. That same day Avery saw that the position he applied for was handed over to a foxy lady. Avery didn’t mind that. He thought that maybe he wasn’t qualified enough.

 The only time he enjoyed his office was during the lunch time where he usually shared his sandwich with the squirrels and pigeons. He liked them because they didn’t talk back; they weren’t mean and didn’t make fun of his hunchback.

In the second half of his shift, he would be over burdened by others and the stamping paper job would exceed its 9 to 6 limit to 10 in the night. Avery didn’t mind that. He thought that people might not laugh, point or stare at him on red lights or when he gets down from his car.

For 25 years Avery lived this life. No one stopped teasing him, no one talked to him. A life like this would be enough to drive a man crazy and make him jump out of the window and one day Avery did just that.
He barged into the room of his boss, tossed all the stamped papers at him. His boss now got a reason to fire him and pressed the little red button under his table and in an instant, two heavy built guards stormed in the room.

Avery didn’t care and made a run for the window. In mid way, he flexed and his shirt ripped open in a straight line as his spine.  To everyone’s surprise, wings popped out as he crashed through the glass and flew away into the clouds.

The human world is no place for the archangel of patience to live. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Piss Drunk

so. i managed to last for one year in design college. Just got over with my exams and getting sloshed with some of my best buds in the college hostel. Those mother fuckers don't have a clue how we do it, but we do it.

Its hot as hell and the air-con is at full throttle and we are are sitting here listening to some shitty song that came on VH1's top 10 and watching JOEY on star world at the same time..

Leaving for home in a few days, feels like going home after fighting a world war or some shit like that. Everyone complains about the hostel food. I find it shitty as the home food. Not that its bad, I think I don't have any taste buds. It all tastes the same.

So what's the problem?

I might abandon everything and not come back and none of my best buds will know that (Don't worry they are too sloshed to read what I'm writing.)

Why am I doing this?

Well, I follow anime (Japanese animation) and in that one of the main dude disappears without a trace. Leaves people thinking and making up rumors in his absence and leaves them shitting bricks when he suddenly comes back as a strong mother fucker.

Maybe I'm just seeking attention, I am a Leo after all. A crazy mother fucker. I'm already at the top of the food chain. (True story)

How am i able to write this while I am piss drunk...

Fuck that shit...

Burp Fart Poop Fuck...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Didn't Come...

The owner of this blog has lost the will to write anything. in a design school and still doesn't do drugs. has a girlfriend who can draw the world and the owner can not even draw a straight line. creativity in his brain has been missing since last year and is pretty sure that the future will be spent on the streets. Keeps listening to his old music collection, to make it sound good he puts the playlist on shuffle and keeps hitting the next button until he falls asleep. Thinks happiness can be found in Funny images with random quotes and so keeps browsing the internet day and night for them.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From The Decks Of The World....

No this is not a story. This is the part where i will write stuff gong around with typos and miss spelled shit and words with missing 'k' and 'L' because my keyboard is not working properly and where you just read and move on. Maybe its just an angry letter in the form of a blog post.

So, yesterday i got my XII board result. got 83.6%. yeah butt fuck all those who thought i was a dimwit or whatever. since january i have been busy with exams and i finaly got my result and just when i was thinking of taking it easy, my stupid collage entrance exams start.

But thats not the point. My life is going in a fucked up direction. believe it or not, i'v been listening to dub-step and trance music (and i seriously DON'T do drugs) instead of metal. I have changed, in a bad way. At this moment, THE REAL ME would have been, downloading hentai and free and pirated music and movies from the internet, getting drunk with buddies, sneaking out of the house, destroying public property, Graffiti tags, getting into fights, sketching super awesome stuff and writing stories.

but instead im sitting at home, doing nothing, i go to PVR to watch movies, i sleep at night, wakke up at 6 in the morning, Say no to alcohol and do nothing. i think im either becoming a looser or maybe im growing up, which ever the case, i hate both..

oh and im getting engaged to my girlfriend (yeah i have one) and ur all invited to my engagement party. She got me thinking about marriage and kids and all that garbabubblesnoxzzi. love, its just ike running water. you either run with it or drown.

anywho (herd someone say this, sounds cooler XD ).. ill be going into collage soon. i wouldn't say stay tuned cus this is gonna be a dead blog soon or maybe not. shit, iv even stopped clicking pics of dead cats and dogs and other shit. oh well, life is a roller coaster. at one moment ur having a joy ride and the other ur throwing up and sometimes ur running ahead and the coaster is chasing to butt fuck you. mine is the third case.

From The Decks Of The World, Still Looking For One Piece...
Butt Fucking Love...
Aj Mercy :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Going back... Off to a good start

Gunner looked at his target through the view scope of his new super silent sniper rifle. He bought it for himself as a coming back gift. He saw three people standing and smoking cigarettes as the talked to each other. He was desperate to pull the trigger and his index finger was struggling to press the well polished black metal trigger.

He refrained and took out his mobile and read the text message again. The last line of the message screamed in capitals "ONLY SHOOT THE MAN WITH THE HAT ON."

Gunner deleted the message and pulled the trigger.


He then took out a small notebook and a pen.

"So i killed one on the tracks, and then a kid and his nanny and his parents and dog to get on this roof and these three morons.
So that equals too..."

Gunner drew four lines and drew another line which intersected the other four diagonally.

"Five and..."

He again drew four lines

"Four more. And I'm not hearing any more voices soo..."

He again drew the diagonal line.

"Ha Ha. Ten down and a million more to go...
Not a bad start after all..."

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Going back

Gunner stood silently with his gun and stared at the dead body lying on the endless railway track. His hands were shaking. The gun smoke coming out of his gun rose up to his nose and played with his nose hair giving birth to a sneeze.

“What the fuck have you done?” came a familiar sound.

“Shut the fuck up” Gunner said as he dropped the gun and took two steps back, thinking deeply about the dreadful thing he had done.

“You promised you’d stop. Are you out of your mind?”

“Am I out of my mind? Of course I AM, for fucks sake I’m talking to myself.” Said Gunner as he picked up his gun

“What are you going do now?”

The thought placed a nasty grin on Gunner’s face. He turned back and started walking.

“Me? I’m going walk the same track I abandoned”