Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From The Decks Of The World....

No this is not a story. This is the part where i will write stuff gong around with typos and miss spelled shit and words with missing 'k' and 'L' because my keyboard is not working properly and where you just read and move on. Maybe its just an angry letter in the form of a blog post.

So, yesterday i got my XII board result. got 83.6%. yeah butt fuck all those who thought i was a dimwit or whatever. since january i have been busy with exams and i finaly got my result and just when i was thinking of taking it easy, my stupid collage entrance exams start.

But thats not the point. My life is going in a fucked up direction. believe it or not, i'v been listening to dub-step and trance music (and i seriously DON'T do drugs) instead of metal. I have changed, in a bad way. At this moment, THE REAL ME would have been, downloading hentai and free and pirated music and movies from the internet, getting drunk with buddies, sneaking out of the house, destroying public property, Graffiti tags, getting into fights, sketching super awesome stuff and writing stories.

but instead im sitting at home, doing nothing, i go to PVR to watch movies, i sleep at night, wakke up at 6 in the morning, Say no to alcohol and do nothing. i think im either becoming a looser or maybe im growing up, which ever the case, i hate both..

oh and im getting engaged to my girlfriend (yeah i have one) and ur all invited to my engagement party. She got me thinking about marriage and kids and all that garbabubblesnoxzzi. love, its just ike running water. you either run with it or drown.

anywho (herd someone say this, sounds cooler XD ).. ill be going into collage soon. i wouldn't say stay tuned cus this is gonna be a dead blog soon or maybe not. shit, iv even stopped clicking pics of dead cats and dogs and other shit. oh well, life is a roller coaster. at one moment ur having a joy ride and the other ur throwing up and sometimes ur running ahead and the coaster is chasing to butt fuck you. mine is the third case.

From The Decks Of The World, Still Looking For One Piece...
Butt Fucking Love...
Aj Mercy :)


Nothingman said...

this is transition period champ, roll with the punches, go with the flow, and keep rocking cuz you're a rockstar!

good luck!


ThinkerHead said...

Shit happens, man. The kinda shit that mind-freakingy changes you into something you've never been. and all you can do is listen to nice music, ponder and wonder and smile a silly smile that reads "What the hell happened to me?! And why am I OKAY with it?!".
And then you repeat the cycle over again.