Friday, December 3, 2010

Going back... Off to a good start

Gunner looked at his target through the view scope of his new super silent sniper rifle. He bought it for himself as a coming back gift. He saw three people standing and smoking cigarettes as the talked to each other. He was desperate to pull the trigger and his index finger was struggling to press the well polished black metal trigger.

He refrained and took out his mobile and read the text message again. The last line of the message screamed in capitals "ONLY SHOOT THE MAN WITH THE HAT ON."

Gunner deleted the message and pulled the trigger.


He then took out a small notebook and a pen.

"So i killed one on the tracks, and then a kid and his nanny and his parents and dog to get on this roof and these three morons.
So that equals too..."

Gunner drew four lines and drew another line which intersected the other four diagonally.

"Five and..."

He again drew four lines

"Four more. And I'm not hearing any more voices soo..."

He again drew the diagonal line.

"Ha Ha. Ten down and a million more to go...
Not a bad start after all..."


Antriksh Satyarthi said...

Freaking AMAZING :D

Eveline said...

Wouldn't that be AWESOME! :P

Punkster said...

Lovely descriptive narration. =)