Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Avery, like every other regular day, came to work at sharp 8:45 am. He made a hot coffee for himself and was at his work table by 9:00 am. He unlocked one of his drawers and took out a huge stack of paper. He took a sip of his coffee and realized that this day wasn’t anything different from the rest as the coffee that day too tasted like monkey shit and like the other days, his colleagues wouldn’t make eye contact with him but they always made fun of his hunchback behind his back. During the day Avery will be bombarded with countless balls of paper and will be reminded constantly that his hunchback makes him look ugly by little doodles his colleagues made on his desk or in the office loo.

He took the company stamp kept on his table and started stamping the papers one by one. As his boss passed in front of his work desk, he hoped his boss would give him the promotion for which Avery applied months ago. But his boss passed him like he was invisible yet again. That same day Avery saw that the position he applied for was handed over to a foxy lady. Avery didn’t mind that. He thought that maybe he wasn’t qualified enough.

 The only time he enjoyed his office was during the lunch time where he usually shared his sandwich with the squirrels and pigeons. He liked them because they didn’t talk back; they weren’t mean and didn’t make fun of his hunchback.

In the second half of his shift, he would be over burdened by others and the stamping paper job would exceed its 9 to 6 limit to 10 in the night. Avery didn’t mind that. He thought that people might not laugh, point or stare at him on red lights or when he gets down from his car.

For 25 years Avery lived this life. No one stopped teasing him, no one talked to him. A life like this would be enough to drive a man crazy and make him jump out of the window and one day Avery did just that.
He barged into the room of his boss, tossed all the stamped papers at him. His boss now got a reason to fire him and pressed the little red button under his table and in an instant, two heavy built guards stormed in the room.

Avery didn’t care and made a run for the window. In mid way, he flexed and his shirt ripped open in a straight line as his spine.  To everyone’s surprise, wings popped out as he crashed through the glass and flew away into the clouds.

The human world is no place for the archangel of patience to live. 

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